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Meet Sir Paul

Season Three

Initiated into BDSM as a young man in Chicoutimi, Sir Paul runs a BDSM academy in Montreal and has performed his fetish act in Montreal gay bars for many years. A fit 50-year-old, Sir Paul is a leather man who is haunted by the ghosts of all the friends and lovers who have died of AIDS over the years. But Sir Paul continues to perform in bars, out of love for those he misses dearly.

Meet other Characters


Season Three turns its lens on the lives of an entirely new KINK community – this time located in Montreal. More journeys of self-discovery and sexual freedom with an apprentice dominatrix and a whole stable of male and female submissives; play-piercing and scarification; open relationships with twosomes, threesomes and moresomes; sex in plastic sheeting with duct tape; transsexual body modifications and a spectacular suspension at The Funhouse Club where the characters of Season 3 gather. The season closes with all of the subjects meeting, some for the first time, at a big fetish party, where they each perform their own kinky specialty.

Episode 1: Meet Viky, Ella and Derek.

Good Greek girl Viky gets coached by Fetishia for her next session as an apprentice dominatrix; Ella and her boyfriend, Julien, spend an evening play-piercing; Derek and his love daddy, Christian, discuss threesomes, foursomes and moresomes; our Kink community goes to The Funhouse to watch a body suspension. Buy Download

Episode 2: Ella, Jules and Chiken.

Ella recounts her accident, its aftermath and how she came to love her scars; Jules shops for women’s clothes and hangs weights from various parts of his body; we meet Chiken, a self- described lowly Type II transsexual and eager bottom. Buy Download

Episode 3: Catharine & Pierre.

Transsexual Chiken reveals her numerous body modifications; Dom partners Catharine & Pierre oversee their stable of subs; Derek and Christian invite their friend Giles for some fun and fantasy in the woods. Buy Download

Episode 4: Jules “pushes the envelope.”

Viky describes her journey from nice Greek girl to not-so-nice Greek dominatrix. Pierre drums on Laney’s derriere. Jules tells his Catholic life story and ‘pushes the envelope’ with more body modification. Buy Download

Episode 5: Rubber Dandy & Princess Scarlett.

Rubber Dandy & Princess Scarlett spend unusual quality time with latex and a vacuum cleaner; Derek relates the long-term consequences of being raped; Ella shows off her latest work of art: new branding and scars for her body. Buy Download

Episode 6: Photos and other adventures.

Viky and her boyfriend George shoot photos for their new fetish venture. Chiken eagerly awaits a visit from her American transsexual soulmate; Derek and Christian hang out with Derek’s mum; the needles come out when Jules performs at the Funhouse. Buy Download

Episode 7: Dominatrix Catharine.

Dominatrix Catharine plays dress up with submissive Bébelle; Chiken nervously awaits a visit from her Colorado lover, Zoe; we meet Sir Paul and visit his academy. Buy Download

Episode 8: Plastic sheeting and duct tape.

Princess Scarlett mummifies Rubber Dandy in plastic sheeting and duct tape; Sir Paul talks about his childhood in Chicoutimi and his initiation to BDSM; Ella and Julien pose for a photographer. Buy Download

Episode 9: Jules’ new romance.

Chiken & Zoe pose for an erotic photo shoot; Jules reveals a new, romantic miracle in his life; submissive Shane needs to be disciplined by Mistress Catharine. Buy Download

Episode 10: Piercing. Bear party.

Viky and George get pierced; Derek lives large at a bear party; Rubber Dandy & Princess Scarlett do something extra special for Dandy’s birthday. Buy Download

Episode 11: Ménage a trios.

A threesome is bliss for Jules as he enters into a ménage a trois with his girlfriend and his dominatrix; Sir Paul continues to perform despite the ghosts in his life; tears flow when sub Shane decides to leave Catharine & Pierre’s stable. Buy Download

Episode 12: Chiken’s heartbreak. Jules’ playroom.

Chiken is heartbroken when Zoe returns to Colorado; Latent artist Ella performs a hot version of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite at The Funhouse; Jules prepares to move into a big new building with a spacious new playroom. Buy Download

Episode 13: Season finale at Yvanka’s dungeon.

All of the KINK subjects come together for a play party at Yvanka’s dungeon; Jules dons hoofs to push the boundaries of fetish photography; Derek & Christian plan for the future; Sir Paul reflects on the meaning of life. Buy Download