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Meet Sir Paul

Season Three

Initiated into BDSM as a young man in Chicoutimi, Sir Paul runs a BDSM academy in Montreal and has performed his fetish act in Montreal gay bars for many years. A fit 50-year-old, Sir Paul is a leather man who is haunted by the ghosts of all the friends and lovers who have died of AIDS over the years. But Sir Paul continues to perform in bars, out of love for those he misses dearly.

Meet other Characters


The journey of sexual adventure and discovery continues in Season Two of KINK. From a professional dominatrix to a “newbie” couple from the suburbs, the subjects of this season are on a quest to create their identities and shatter norms in pursuit of passion. Their limits – although strictly negotiated – are constantly challenged. Video porn, suburban BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sado-Masochism) and the personal politics required to contemplate a complete sex change.

In Season Two, the portraits of Nina, Lynda & Karel, Candy Cane, Mistress Demonika, Rowan & Diane, and Todd take us on intense, intimate, and ultimately unique journeys. The cameras follow them as their lives diverge and intersect: from home, to play party, to Pride Parade. Though their closets hold unusual contents – dildos, ropes, video cameras and floggers — their lives deal with universal issues: the search for identity, individuality, community, even love



Nina was born Rodney, but when he didn’t become a woman after going through puberty, he knew he’d have to take matters into his own hands. Now, after four years and $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgeries, he’s emerged as Nina, a beautiful she-male who’s grappling with the notion of going all the way and becoming a complete woman. Her fear is that no one will love her for who she really is once she takes that final – and irreversible - step.

Lynda and Karel

Lynda and Karel

Karel was a confirmed bachelor before he met Lynda. Who would have ever thought that he’d end up married and that he’d be tying up and whipping his precious loved one to give her pleasure! After dabbling in the swinging scene of their small town of Peterborough, Ontario, Lynda and Karel have hit the road in search of new and exciting kinks. Fetish parties in Toronto, bondage lessons, and shopping for whips all form part of their new adventure.

Candy Cane


When her gay husband suggested she find her own fun, Candy Cane reinvented herself as a committed sexual adventurer. Now she’s got the wardrobe and the wigs, and frequents the “fet” parties of greater Toronto. She’s made lots of friends, mainly in the cross-dressing community, but she plays with only a select few, and only in private. She loves people, and she loves her three kids. She makes up for being stuck at home all day cooking and doing laundry by cutting loose at night.

Mistress Demonika


Mistress Demonika, AKA Renee, is a total escapist and a professional dominatrix. She can’t stand the real world and she finds normal sex boring. So she’s created her own world inside her dungeon. She has whips, paddles, restraints, hoisting devices and a medical area. - It’s her profession, and she’s good at it. She can turn off her phone for a week if she doesn’t feel like working. She’s attained her dream of a ‘princess’ lifestyle on her own terms. And with her partner, Toronto musician Robin “Fucking” Black, she can go all the way.



Todd is a Junior Dungeon Master who runs his own video porn business. At twenty he became a male escort and wrote about his experiences for Fab Magazine, a gay publication. He went on to win a novel-writing contest inspired by his experiences in the streets. Although he’s become more selective about the clients he takes on. , his service now involves videotaping them and selling the tapes on the Internet. Now the only problem is, how does he tell his mother what he does for a living?

Rowan and Diane

Rowan and Diane

Rowan and Diane met on the Internet. They’re both bisexual polyamorous switches. That means they can have sex with whomever they want, however they want and with as many people as they want. Rowan, with her background in psychological counseling, enjoys the psychological aspects of kinky sex.