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Meet Ryan

Season Five

Somewhat shy by nature, 24 year-old masochist Ryan is cautiously re-entering the BDSM (bondage discipline sadism masochism) scene after a year-long hiatus following the traumatic death of his gay lover and mentor. Now the self-confessed “pain slut” begins to make tentative steps to blossom anew in the fetish community, competing in the Mr. Atlantic Canada Leather Contest, and reaching out in unexpected directions to explore BDSM. Will Ryan find happiness, fulfillment, and true love, or is only more heartache on the horizon?

Meet other Characters


In this first season of KINK, viewers begin an intimate journey into the lives of people living on the sexual edge; exploring love, pain and pleasure in Vancouver’s thriving underground community. Season 1 opens a window onto a world of kinky sexual behavior, exploring sadomasochism, cross-dressing, gender switching, and fetishism, all wrapped up in the very basic pursuit of love and belonging. These aren’t actors performing sexual fantasies, these are real people fully revealed through intimate interviews, at work, at home, out in the world and in the throes of love games. Our subjects in Season 1 are searching for ways to be true to themselves and their needs, undaunted by the prejudices of society.



Fogg is a charismatic, articulate, and unapologetic 50-year-old entrepreneur who runs a successful piercing/tattoo parlour in the heart of downtown Vancouver. His own body is heavily pierced and tattooed. He’s been active in S/M for decades, a role model for some, a frightening character for others. He has a penchant for young, naive women and with the help of his partner Fanny, he is usually successful in snaring his prey.



Fanny is a street-smart, energetic woman with two teenaged sons who works as a body piercer at Fogg’s piercing salon. She and Fogg have been partners on and off for five years. The couple work and play together. They enjoy whips and bondage, bloodsports and psychosexual control. Fanny and Fogg often bring home women from the local pool hall to ‘play’ with, and Fogg’s apartment becomes party central atop downtown Vancouver.



Stephen is a stylish cross dresser who was once married to Kate, an acclaimed jazz vocalist. Since his divorce, however, Stephen now finds casual encounters with men more fulfilling. An entrepreneur with his own hair salon, Stephen is fun loving and mischievous, possessing an infectious laugh that punctuates everything he does, from dressing in sequins and heels, to cruising the beach for a quickie.



David is a serious, heavy-set intellectual who believes in following the rules. He is a self-defined “old school” gay leather master searching for love in the form of a full-time male slave. David spent years coming to terms with his sexual desires, even submitting himself to electroshock therapy. He has long since accepted himself, and the real possibility that a long-term relationship may ultimately elude him. However, over the course of filming, David’s most heartfelt wishes appear to come true.



Pat, a masochist, has a commanding physical presence but is only interested in playing the role of the submissive. She is a dedicated ‘bottom’ who finds truth through pain, and ultimate pleasure in being a ‘bad slave girl.’ Pat prefers to ‘play’ with women but will 'practice' with men for the experience. Articulate and direct, tough-looking but extremely vulnerable, Pat’s desires lead her to S/M relationships with several partners, although she also pursues the idea of a full-time partner. The trouble is, she is “not yet ready to offer breakfast.”

Shaira and Ms. X:


Shaira is an actor/ photographer with a studio in Vancouver’s Chinatown. For a living, she drives a handi-bus. On the weekend, Shaira is the master in a loving, dominant/submissive relationship with her girlfriend, Ms. X. Ms. X. is the only main character in the entire series who prefers to remain anonymous for fear of professional repercussions. Shaira likes the control and power afforded her in the role of master, while her lover feels a sense of freedom at giving up the burdens of responsibility.



Velvet was born a woman in a man’s body. It’s taken her most of her life to fix that. Today, Velvet is a transgendered female. She’s happily married to Ray, and is one of the hottest movers and shakers in Vancouver’s kink scene. Besides running her own hair salon in the trendy Gastown district, Velvet is the leggy leather-clad host of the Body Perve parties, the city’s most popular meeting spot for light fetish fun. As a dominatrix, she is constantly challenging herself, her play partners, and her relationship with her new husband.



ELAINE has a strong sense of herself and her community. Thoughtful and full of insight, she poses challenging questions about the nature of sexuality, and community. ELAINE and her partner, Aiden, who is a woman but looks and dresses like a man, have a playful and loving relationship. As we document with our cameras, ELAINE is exploring the process of 'coming out' to her family in slow stages. While her parents know that she is gay, they don't know that she likes to play with her boy/girlfriend.